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Store Crossovers to BigCommerce

Platform-To-Platform Crossover

Looking to move your webstore from your current platform to BigCommerce? Look no further!

You have been running your online store for years. At one time, your choice of e-commerce platform made sence, but no longer fits the bill. Lack of updated features, charging transaction fees, poor customer support. Whatever the resaone may be, you are looking to make a move.

Here at Third Eye Graphic Solutions we have worked on many of the top E-Commerce platforms in the past. Our team can take your existing webstore and transfer it to BigCommerce in a snap. Everything from recoding your templates to exactly match your current look and feels to product crossover and 301 redirect setup. Third Eye Graphic Solutions has your crossover needs covered.

Converting Yahoo Merchant Solutions Stores over to BigCommerce is our specialty!

Current Client Showcase

Current Client Showcase

The Third Eye Graphic Solutions team has now helped us launch two great websites - www.RaisedBeds.com and www.MyPotsandPlanters.com

Jay and his team know Bigcommerce as well as any designer/developer we talked to and if you are looking for a specialist, you shouldn't look any further. 
They were flexible as we went through an iterative process and often changed design components multiple times.

With MyPotsandPlanters.com, Jay was able to help us execute some new and exciting design features that elevated the site beyond a typical Bigcommerce capabilities. One of the best things about working with Third Eye Graphic Solutions is that they remain available to help us improve and evolve our websites after initial development was completed.

Third Eye Graphic Solutions is a valuable BigCommerce partner who has always given us good value and personalized service.

BigCommerce Elite Package

Trendy Glasses (Elite Package)

Very Pleased with My Redesigned Site! Posted by Mike Vitous on 14th Aug 2013

I chose Jay and his team at Third Eye Graphic Solutions to do a complete redesign of my BigCommerce website after reading many excellent reviews on their work. And, like so many others, I was extremely pleased with the results they achieved for me! Jay and team asked all the right questions and really took the time to understand what my vision was for my redesign, and then dug in and delivered.

They took a somewhat outdated, clunky and poorly designed site and streamlined it perfectly, with the end product being an eye-catching and truly 21st Century ecommerce site. All their work was done well within the timeframe they set forth, and several "tweaks" I asked for after completion were taken care of in hours, not days. My sales have spiked and I couldn't be happier. I will be going back to Third Eye Graphic Solutions to add some ala carte additional features to my site soon!

BigCommerce Kitchen Sink Package

My Fairytale Books

Complete E-Commerce Design and Optimization
Posted on 29th May 2013

I absolutely recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions and Jay for e-commerce design and development. It was my first time working with a "real" design company and I can tell that they really care about your project and they want to create a successful website that you will be happy and proud of. You will get your money's worth and I guarantee that Third Eye Graphic Solutions has the skills and expertise to create an amazing design with effective functionality.

Third Eye Graphic Solutions is flexible with deadlines, attentiveness, creative inputs, and motivating personality. They will train you so you can go back and edit yourself and they are always there for you whenever you have questions. Jay is an awesome guy! You will love him :)

PS: I had some really challenging requests for the team from a SEO perspective and they delivered on EVERY item.