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Tanceuticals / ProbioticsOne - Built on BigCommerce

"I've used Jay and his team to build two full BigCommerce websites (from scratch) over the last few years. I have many other websites on many other platforms and working with Jay and 3rd Eye has been THE best experience of anyone I've ever used. He's thorough, responsive, creative and honestly doesn't charge enough for all that he does. Those things are all important of course, but the main reason I always work with Jay is his websites just flat-out work! We've processed a ton of transactions over the years and our websites have never had any major issues. And when we ever want to change something, Jay's follow-up support has been terrific and very inexpensive. I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with this. If you're looking for a web designer/developer who takes care of the aesthetics of your site as well as the back-end functionality, Jay and his team at 3rd Eye are the ones to use!"

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Quality work!

Posted by Mid-State Instruments on 3rd March 2017

We needed a complete redesign of our three websites, both on desktop and mobile. Jay did a fantastic job on all of them. He was quick to respond, worked very closely with us to make sure the sites were to our satisfaction, and was always happy to make any adjustments we needed. Our sites look much better now. Excellent service!

Top Notch Service & Design Work

Posted by Flag Pole Phil on 3rd Feb. 2017

Jay and his team built my original site (GrandNewFlag) in 2012, they did a wonderful job on the old blue print theme. I did not want a "cookie cutter" site so I tapped them for a fully custom site and boy did they deliver. Fast forward to four years later. The Stencil themes came out and fully responsive sites are a must have for the best shopping experience across all devices. I was never happy with the generic mobile theme as it did not showcase my brand.

At the end of 2016 I decided to do a complete redesign and immediately called Jay for his services. He was 100% attentive to what I was looking for and worked hard to convey my brand message across the entire site. Once we got through the brainstorming phase he and his team went straight to work on proofs and were always happy to make changes I requested. After the site went live I found a few things that needed tweaking and Jay's team had the issues fixed in a day.

I would not work with anybody else. Third Eye Graphic Solutions is the BEST!

Third Eye Graphics Can Get the Job Done

Posted by Cathy K. on 13th Sept. 2016

I had used Third Eye Graphics Solutions in 2013 with my first BigCommerce site and was pleased with the results so was happy to call on them for assistance with my website redesign. I needed many changes to a template I purchased from a third party site (not connected to BigCommerce) that was considered "messy code" (not easy to make adjustments). Jay and his team were able to make the necessary adjustments so my site had the look and feel that I was looking for!

A Pleasant and Productive template modification experience!

Posted by BkSnyder on 1st Feb. 2016

We needed fairly extensive modifications to our Bigcommerce template. Jay was very easy to work with and was great at making changes during the process. If you needed someone to modify your template, Jay is your man!

Excellent Design And Customer Service 

Posted by Ann on 23rd Nov 2013

As a small business owner, I was looking for a professional, affordable redesign to my BigCommerce website. Jay and his team provided exactly what I was looking for...from a great overall design to outstanding customer service. He worked with me as I contemplated different design ideas/themes, and was very responsive to my many requests for tweaks and revisions. Not only did Third Eye Graphic Solutions come up with a great design for my website, but they also provided me with the tools and information needed to customize and edit certain aspects in the future. I am very pleased with the final product, and I have already seen an increase in sales since our website has been redesigned. It is eye-catching and user-friendly for both me and the customer...perfect! I will definitely return to Third Eye Graphic Solutions for any additional work I might need in the future, and I will definitely recommend them to friends and colleagues.

Very Pleased With My Redesigned Site!

Posted by Mike Vitous on 14th Aug 2013

I chose Jay and his team at Third Eye Graphic Solutions to do a complete redesign of my BigCommerce website after reading many excellent reviews on their work. And, like so many others, I was extremely pleased with the results they achieved for me! Jay and team asked all the right questions and really took the time to understand what my vision was for my redesign, and then dug in and delivered. They took a somewhat outdated, clunky and poorly designed site and streamlined it perfectly, with the end product being an eye-catching and truly 21st Century e-commerce site. All their work was done well within the timeframe they set forth, and several "tweaks" I asked for after completion were taken care of in hours, not days. My sales have spiked and I couldn't be happier. I will be going back to Third Eye Graphic Solutions to add some ala carte additional features to my site soon!

Very Satisfied! 

Posted by Kirsten on 14th Apr 2013

I hired Third Eye Graphic Solutions after reading all of the great reviews and I agree with all of them! I contacted Jay about creating our new ecommerce store but had specific design elements that I wanted to keep from our previous website. After speaking with him about the project and the short timeline, he explained the process and took the time to answer all of my questions. Once he started the project, I had minimal edits, since he met all of my requests on the first try!
During the entire process, he was very accessible and answered all of my questions about getting the site up and going. Highly recommend!!

Great Value And Great Communication 

Posted by Addison on 20th Feb 2013

Jay and his team have done a great job working on our site ( Jay was flexible as we went through an iterative process and often changed design components multiple times. Jay knows BC as well as any designer/developer we talked to and if your looking for a specialist, you shouldn't look any further. Perhaps best of all, Jay is open to working with his clients after the site is "complete" and has helped us to help ourselves by offering instruction and guidance for future revisions.

Third Eye Graphic Solutions Surpassed My Expectations! 

Posted by Laura Lenhausen on 6th Feb 2013

Third Eye Graphic Solutions surpassed my expectations on my new website. They have such a great feel for everything that I was trying to accomplish for our new retail baby store. I had a sense of comfort with the first conversations I had with Jay. No scams, straight business at an extremely affordable price. It was such a refreshing experience to work with such a class act company. Jay made sure I received exactly what I was looking for and was a pleasure to work with. Jay worked many long hours on the site to make sure I received what I believe is an award winning site!
Thanks! Highly recommended! Says, "Third Eye Is Our Third Eye!" 

Posted by Steve and Rhonda on 20th Aug 2012

I am extremely happy with Third Eye; Jay, and team!
We needed a complicated site migration plus a site redesign and other, custom features that we wanted done. (All at the same time!) We asked, and it was done! We also needed a "3rd eye" on what we were attempting to do; with an objective and informed opinion. Jay's advice was indispensable. As another reviewer said, "They're the real deal!"
Highly recommended!

Nice Work On! 

Posted by David Bryant on 11th Jan 2012

Third Eye Graphic Solutions did a great job on our new site. I've worked with a lot of designers and programmers over the years, so I feel like I have a good perspective for evaluating design companies. Third Eye Graphic Solutions is one of the best. I look for clear communication of process, adherence to the timelines and a great looking-end product. Third Eye Graphic Solutions was great in all of these capacities. I will definitely work with them again.
David Bryant,

Third Eye Graphic Solutions? Yeah...They're The Real Deal 

Posted by Justin Hunt on 2nd Dec 2011

If you're like me, you scoured the Internet searching for a web design service that was affordable. Once you finally found a company that WAS affordable, you were scared off by the shoddy, amateurish-looking projects found in their portfolio. Fortunately, I came across Third Eye Graphic Solutions: The Exception. ...An affordable service with a polished portfolio.
From Day 1 of collaborating with Third Eye, Jay brought competency, skill, friendliness, and professionalism to the table. Anytime a question arose, Jay made the matter extremely accessible, walking me through the situation step-by-step, making sure I comprehended his tips and instructions.
Jay and Third Eye helped cross out all the large items on my website wish list: superb functionality, great aesthetics, user-friendly, cutting-edge, an appropriate lay-out scheme, and the list goes on. But he also didn't forget about the small things like speedy responses to e-mails and calls and prompt "repair" services for small hiccups on the web pages. He never left me in the lurch or brushed off a question. He was always ready with sincere help and guidance.
I would be remiss if I did not mention what I appreciate most about Jay and Third Eye. Jay made sure I got exactly what I envisioned/wanted. It was so liberating to explain my ideas or plans and not have to worry if they would come to fruition or not....or whether they would look bad or not. They were always precisely as I hoped. Jay's work is just darn sharp.
Highly recommended. Extremely satisfied.

Excellent Service And Infinite Patience! 

Posted by Stephanie King on 20th Oct 2011

I'm starting a new online retail business, Fair Trade Designs. Once I decided on BigCommerce, I spoke with 3 other web designers before talking with Jay. Each of the other 3 spent 5 minutes or less on the phone, giving me a hard sell as to why I should work with them. Jay, however, spent about 30 minutes talking with me, answering my new-to-web-design questions, explaining in detail what his services offered and what would work best for me. No hard sell.
Once the design process started, Jay was incredibly patient with my many, many questions. He's been very responsive to all my changes and in a number of cases, worked ceaselessly to fix a couple of problems we ran into. The design and functionality of the site is great, and even though we've officially completed the design and programming phase, Jay continues to be very responsive to my questions. He's helpful not only on the design issues but also has worked with me on learning the BigCommerce software. 
I can't recommend Jay highly enough. He and his team have done a superb job and I'm excited about launching my terrific web site in a few weeks. Thanks, Jay!

Great Design And Development Team! 

Posted by Nancy Thompson Bailey Bea Designs on 14th Sep 2011

Jay and his team did an amazing job with our Online store redesign. We were transitioning from another shopping cart to Big Commerce. We had over 7,000 personalized products with hundreds of different variations and requirements. What we wanted in a shopping cart was very complicated and we weren't sure it could be done. 
Third Eye Graphic Solutions helped us figure it all out. From Design, direct mail integration, blog to importing all those products and variations. We had a wonderful experience and would recommend Jay and his team of developers to anyone who is looking for a top notch team who will listen to you, help you find solutions to your customers online experience, and who will treat you well. 
We are so proud of our new website and design. We've gotten so many compliments and customer are so much happier!

PHENOMENAL Service - EXCELLENT Investment 

Posted by NoireNaturals on 26th Jun 2011

I had initially planned to spend upwards $5,000 for an agency to design my company's website, until a friend of mine suggested that I look into BigCommerce...that's when I found Jay, and I am SO glad that I did! Not only were his prices MUCH more college student/entrepreneur-friendly, but his customer service was wonderful as well; I don't know much about web design, and Jay was just as patient and helpful as can be in answering all of my questions. (He also always responded in a timely manner!) If you're looking for excellent quality, excellent service, and at an excellent price, I would definitely suggest Jay at Third Eye Graphic Solutions!

Jay Is Simply Outstanding

Posted by sander cohen on 23rd May 2011

I feel incredibly lucky to have found Jay and Third Eye Graphic Solutions! I have been online for 11 years with another company and I have never experienced such outstanding service, personal attention and quality graphic design work. I wanted my website to stand out and not look like a standard template and Jay worked wonders in just 3 weeks from start to finish. Our site looks sensational, the design work was fast and Jay went above and beyond to help get the site up fast. I had quotes close to 10 times what Jay charged to customize my site. I will return to TEGS and Jay Anderson for any graphic design, logo creation or website customization I need in the future. Sound too good to be true? Feel free to call me and I will be happy to recommend Jay personally. or Look at my site and see for yourself

Money Well Spent! 

Posted by Melissa Hembree on 3rd Feb 2011

I have worked on multiple sites with multiple companies and Third Eye Graphic Solutions is the best I have ever worked with. My site looks current and professional. I knew that this was the right choice after the first phone call. I cold called Jay and he was willing to listen, provided an honest evaluation and quote. He did not try to sell me anything that I did not need (or want). I provided a deadline and a detailed outline of what I expected. He beat the deadline by a week, exceeded my expectations and was extremely pleasant to work with. 
I would highly recommend this company and I will be using him again for other projects.

Awesome Job !

Posted by Prateek Janardhan - Wildcat Express Delivery on 10th Dec 2010

After speaking with several BigCommerce certified design partners, it was clear that Third Eye Graphic Solutions stood above the rest. From the start, Jay was extremely willing to offer his time via e-mail and phone to address any concerns we had. It was clear that he really enjoyed what he did, and to him the project was more than just work. He was very patient with us, and never put any pressure until we were fully ready to move forward.
It was a pleasure to work with him during the design and development stage. He did his best to ensure that all requests we asked for were met, and when something could not be achieved he proposed alternate solutions rather than just saying it wasn't possible. The end product was delivered in a complete and timely manner, and Jay is still more than willing to answer any of our questions.
This was my first experience with a developer, and I truly couldn't have imagined it being better. Jay and his team know the BigCommerce platform inside and out, and on top of that make working with them a pleasure. I would recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions to anyone in need of site design. You won't be disappointed.

The Best Investment I Have Made Yet For My Business! 

Posted by Vicki DeCarolis Owner of Absolute Inspirations on 8th Oct 2010

I had been putting off moving to a new website platform for almost a year. I knew I wanted to go with BigCommerce as my new platform but really did not have the time to put into everthing needed to make this a success. I researched the idea of having someone assist with the design of my new site and Third Eye Graphic Solutions just stood out for me. 
I needed someone I could count on to help make my vision come true for my new site and also assist me in the learning curve of building the new site on my end of things. Jay was great! He spent time with me on the phone to learn about what I was looking for and where my vision was going for the business and he promptly responded to any questions or concerns I had while going through this very important and anxious next step for me. I was so scared to make this investment but I know that this will truly be the best investment I have made for the business.
Building a web site isn't always fun if you ask me, but working with Jay has been. I found it easy to work with him. I think that his enthusiasm is great and he takes a great amount of pride in his work. I can't say enough about the experience other than when my business is ready to go to the next level, I know for certain I will contact Jay again without a doubt.
Thank you Jay. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Breath Of Fresh Air 

Posted by Chris Bay - myFootprint on 19th Sep 2010

"We were quite disenchanted with our previous web developers as they were not prompt with updating and communicating. Jay at Third Eye Graphic Solutions was a breath of fresh air! Not only did he deal with most technical issues very quickly, but he is also quite knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. Our project was not simple and it is because of Jay’s artistic innovation that all of the tasks were completed ahead of schedule. I would recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions to anyone who is in need of site development."

Jay And Team Got Job Done Quickly And To My Satisfaction

Posted by Kim Tevel on 5th Jul 2013

It was a pleasure working with Jay and I am very happy with the results of our collaboration, . He knows his business, had fair pricing, and is an excellent communicator. THANKS!

Don't Hesitate To Work With Jay And His Team 

Posted by Kathy Ruddell on 26th Jun 2013

I spoke with a couple different BigCommerce recommended designers, and by far Jay was the most responsive and easiest to talk to. I cannot be happier with the work Jay and his team have done at our site Extremely professional, enthusiastic, patient and willing to address any and all concerns. Getting your site designed can be daunting as you need to make sure you are investing wisely in a good designer, and Third Eye Graphic Solutions fits the bill!

Bang For The Buck 

Posted by Unknown on 27th Mar 2013

A responsive team works quickly and efficiently to put a project in place, then helps troubleshoot and connect the dots for a website launch. Many hours of labor and problem solving at a very competitive price. It is a real plus that Jay, the owner, is available, friendly, and patient!

Awesome Company!!! 

Posted by Erik on 6th Mar 2013

With e-commerce having such a large market share these days, we knew we had to revamp our direction as well as our storefront. Jay and his team were there to walk us through and help us make informed decisions in regards to what looks, feels, and performs the best. Jay kept us informed of progress from day one and fulfilled EVERY deadline we had agreed to. I will recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions to any and all friends, family and associates that may be in need of a top notch design firm. Thanks Jay and the Third Eye team!!

Excellent Work And Great Service 

Posted by Kristin on 17th Oct 2012

Jay and his team at Third Eye Graphic Solutions did an amazing job with my website ( I was coming from a ZenCart based platform and wanted a similar look and feel to my old site but was in need of the features, benefits and reporting from BigCommerce. Third Eye Graphic Solutions created a new template that really captured what a was looking for - simple but with a bit of fun. Jay was responsive, patient and very helpful. He still answers questions for me or points me to the right place on BigCommerce when I need help.

Home Run! 

Posted by Steve on 13th Jul 2012

We [] looked for a long while for a web designer and we even started with a few different folks that just couldn't get done what we wanted. Then we found Jay and gang. What a gold mine! Professional from top to bottom! We gave them our pre-established logo and they ran with the right direction! Jay walked us through the process from start to finish, provided very clear and easy to understand instructions. And they embellished on what we were after. Extra bells and whistles galore. Well worth the investment. We could not be happier.

Thank You Third Eye Graphic Solutions! 

Posted by MsBellezza Jewelry on 5th Dec 2011

Very glad we ran into Jay and Third Eye Graphic Solutions. Our website required a number of different functions and Jay was able to deliver. We were very particular with the design of our website and constantly requested adjustments, but Jay and his team were always there to assist and helped us get through the process from day one. He always provided clear-cut instructions and even created a very specific video to navigate us through our store. Very helpful! Even after the project was complete, he was still there to provide us support when asked, which was absolutely amazing. We are very happy with the design and highly recommend his services. It was just really great to have someone guide you throughout the process, especially when you have an endless list of questions! Thanks Jay!

Couldn't Ask For More! 

Posted by Terry Ferris, Cape Sports Online on 21st Oct 2011

After searching for what seems like forever, I ran onto Big Commerce. I was looking for a an all inclusive product that would be easy to use and attractive at the the same time.
After looking at the site profiles listed on Big Commerce, I began to look at the list of designers available to tweak my site. I looked at all of them but I kept coming back to Third Eye Graphic Solutions. I contacted a number of his previous design customers and met with very favorable reviews. I finally pulled the trigger (something I have a very hard time doing) and went with Third Eye. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Jay has become an asset to me and my business. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, understanding and an all around good guy. I couldn't have chosen a better company to partner up with.

Third Eye Graphic Solutions Is Great! 

Posted by on 3rd Jun 2011

My store ( hasn't launched yet but I wanted to comment on Third Eye Graphic Solutions and Jay. The design phase is complete (minus maybe a few small tweaks). I researched a number of Big Commerce platform designers before choosing Third Eye Graphic Solutions. I emailed clients of Third Eye Graphic Solutions as well as a number of others and based on such positive responses regarding Jay, went with Third Eye Graphic Solutions. I made the right decision as Jay was/is great to work with. He gladly made all changes I wanted and was always very helpful. He is definitely "hands-on" and care about his clients. In the beginning, even before deciding on Third Eye Graphic Solutions, Jay was willing to entertain a lot of questions and concerns and never degraded to "sales talk". He was very patient; I don't make most decisions in a snap. I felt more like I was working with a friend.
Thanks Jay and I hope I can run crankyaudioguy as good as you run Third Eye Graphic Solutions!

Awesome BigCommerce Graphic Designer! 

Posted by on 21st Feb 2011

When we were searching for a graphic designer to customize our niche baby store idea. It took us awhile but finally found Third Eye Graphic Solutions whom was recommended by BigCommerce. I am a very picky person and Jay was able to work through my bits and pieces of nit-pickyness with such professionalism, I was impressed by his work and patience. He and his staff created a custom logo and site customization that hit the spot in what I envisioned my site to look like. Thanks Jay for doing an outstanding job!

Rock On Talent!! 

Posted by Dawn Russell, Treats for Chickens on 18th Sep 2010

Initially I intended to create my own site in BigCommerce however, working with Jay eliminated hours upon hours of me hacking away unnecessarily to create my own site. I personally spoke, at great length, to no less than five designers recommended by BigCommerce. There was an absurd amount of 'sales talk' with the other designers. With Third Eye Graphic Solutions we got right down to the basics - and the nitty-gritty - which opened up channels for collaboration and the end result of a killer website that I'm really proud of. Jay took the Professional Package project to a higher level than I expected and the integrity of his work is obvious. In addition to a masterpiece of a website design; Jay created a new, fresh logo that targeted my market audience like nothing I could have imagined. Hands down I recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions for logo design! I highly recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions. Leave the professional work to the professionals - hire this company and you will not be disappointed.

So Happy With My New BigCommerce Site! 

Posted by Kids Decal Corner on 26th May 2010

My name is Melanie and I'm a stay at home mom building an e-commerce business called Kids Decal Corner. I knew what I wanted my web store to look like, but had no clue how to make it look that way. After spending many exasperating hours trying to figure it out on my own, I called Third Eye Graphic Solutions. Jay, the web designer, and he was truly a God send! He was great to work with, very patient with all my questions and comments. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with my final product, and I really appreciated that! I would recommend his services to anybody. It was a great and exciting experience!

Third Eye Graphic Solutions - Web Design 

Posted by European Galleria on 7th Apr 2010

Third Eye Graphic Solutions is a professional and honest company. I am very happy with the web site and logo they created. They not only designed the site but also guided me through the many business decisions I needed to make in order to open my internet business. Their customer service was great as they were always available for my many questions! I am now using the internet marketing services that they have available.

Two Sites Done - Happy Customer 

Posted by Addison R on 3rd Mar 2014

Jay and his team have now helped us launch two great websites - and With, Jay was able to help us execute some new and exciting design features that elevated the site beyond a typical BigCommerce capabilities. One of the best things about working with Jay is that he remains available to help us improve and evolve our websites. He is a valuable partner who has given us good value and personalized service.

MyFairyTaleBooks - Complete E-Commerce Design & Optimization 

Posted by Dinesh on 29th May 2013

I absolutely recommend Third Eye Graphic Solutions and Jay for e-commerce design and development. It was my first time working with a "real" design company and I can tell that they really care about your project and they want to create a successful website that you will be happy and proud of. You will get your money's worth and I guarantee that Third Eye Graphic Solutions has the skills and expertise to create an amazing design with effective functionality. Third Eye Graphic Solutions is flexible with deadlines, attentiveness, creative inputs, and motivating personality. They will train you so you can go back and edit yourself and they are always there for you whenever you have questions. Jay is an awesome guy! You will love him :)
PS: I had some really challenging requests for the team from a SEO perspective and they delivered on EVERY item. - Definitely The Best Choice! 

Posted by Donnie Jouppi - Owner of on 27th Mar 2012

After much research and consideration we chose to let Jay and his team give us a fresh new look to our website. They worked with us throughout the process to create exactly what we wanted. Third Eye Graphic Solutions has been the best vendor we have ever dealt with, they are honest, always do what they say, impressively responsive, and makes sure every detail is covered throughout the process. After the first month our sales revenue has doubled. It was truly a great experience, and I am always happy to recommend anyone to Jay and his team at Third Eye Graphic Solutions! Thanks for everything!

Snack Aisle Redesign and Crossover 

Posted by Chris Maher – Owner of on 27th Jan 2012

After 10 years in business on the web, we were ready for a fresh new look and improved functionality. Third Eye Graphic Solutions was the absolute right choice for us in terms of the design of our new site and implementation of our new e-commerce software platform (BigCommerce). They listened to our needs and worked with us throughout the process. Jay Anderson and his team were extremely responsive to calls & emails, even on the weekends. They came up with a design aesthetic that provided that dynamic new look we were seeking, while maintaining the integrity of our brand. We are very happy with the design of our new site and the service we’ve received from Third Eye Graphic Solutions, and are happy to recommend them.

Truly Skilled and Professional E-Commerce Web Designers! 

Posted by Greg on 14th Feb 2014

After doing quite a bit of research, our company decided to have our new e-commerce website built by Jay and his team at Third Eye Graphic Solutions. After working with many different website designers in the past, I can honestly say Jay is one of the best! We witnessed this firm's professionalism right from the get-go as Jay personally called us to clarify and lay-out exactly what we were looking for. They also have a form that helps get you on the same page as them through a series of questions. Once he had an idea of what we were looking for, he got back to us with an initial design that was spot-on (and actually beautiful). While we did go back and forth a bit to fine tune everything, we were extremely impressed how well his design fit with our vision of what we wanted on a website.
Everything on the site works perfectly and loads quickly.
Jay and his team were responsive, knowledgeable, and professional throughout this whole process (that's something you can't always say when working with web designers!). So overall, we were very pleased with the website Third Eye Graphic Solutions built for us. And for what it's worth, they charged quite a bit less than many of the other designers we got quotes from. You can use these guys with confidence!

1ST Class Service & Design Work!

Posted by Neil Isaacs - President - Faucets and Fixtures Online on 26th May 2012

Jay & his team at Third Eye Graphic Solutions took my idea & concept and delivered beyond my expectations! Jay's understanding along with his industry experience helped turn my website beyond what I imagined. He introduced me to the BigCommerce platform, which is amazing! Especially when I was looking into several others, BigCommerce really filled all my needs after speaking with Jay about what I was looking for.

Professional and Expert Service 

Posted by Arno Markus - CEO, on 9th Mar 2012

We found Third Eye Graphic Solutions provided good service and a high level of expertise in the Big Commerce Platform. Every question was answered and they accomplished what we asked of them. The Webstore they designed and launched for us is professional and their expert service made every step of the process possible.